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Discover the last great untapped cuisine. Savour a delicious odyssey of flavours and experiences; from gourmet dishes and street bites to fusion fare, all in one destination. Capturing the essence of Africa, Alkebulan offers a series of bespoke concepts celebrating the continent’s varying cuisines. From an Afro Street Eatery by Chef Coco highlighting the flavours of West African street food to Shoebox Bakery by Mame Sow serving up the ultimate pan-African bakery experience from Senegal – the options are endless.

ART installations


Going beyond African cuisine and Music being an integral part of African culture, the music range at Alkebulan includes classic favourites from across the continent, to a celebration of the influence African music has had across the world. Discover a balanced mix of live music and DJs, from blues, afrobeats, reggae, gospel and afro-latin music.

Social Enterprise

Not only acting as a celebration of Africa itself, Alkebulan also aims to celebrate the African diaspora & it’s impact, and to provide a platform for these communities today. Part of the food hall’s larger mission is to provide new platforms for African chefs, who are wildly under-represented in the industry. We create new opportunities to help them thrive.

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Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm